Grainne McNamara




Grainne specializes in effectively delivering large transformation programs at top tier banks. She is currently focusing on helping banks transform by leveraging new technology, collaborating on shared services and, most especially, by more effective use of human capital and expert talent with the banks. Grainne plays a leadership role for PwC’s blockchain and crypto efforts across industry sectors. In this role, she works with FinTech companies as well as financial services providers, to help harness the power of the blockchain eco-system to drive competitive advantage and to promote efficiency in the financial system. She has over 20 years of experience in implementing regulatory change, managing people, and providing strategic direction across divisions at firms such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Grainne has designed and managed large-scale implementations through the entire lifecycle, from design through build, test, and adoption/conversion. An expert at running multidisciplinary teams, Grainne helps large programs deliver what the business needs for transformation, with a particular focus on managing the risk and costs involved. Grainne is passionate about efforts to transform the lives of women and girls and sits on the Board of the New York Women's Foundation, where she is an active fundraiser and advocate. She has three young children and lives in Brooklyn, New York.