Eamonn Maguire

Global Financial Services Blockchain Leader



Eamonn Maguire is KPMG’s Global Financial Services Leader in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) known as Distributed Ledger Services (DLS). Leading about 250 in lab and business areas in 35 countries, DLS is focused on use case qualification, prototyping, production solutions, integration into legacy architectures, and operations conformance. Analysts recognize KPMG's practice for its strong business foundation, capability in lifecycle, and DLT filtered consulting in risk and security, and regulation. It's ecosystem includes infrastructure providers - IBM, and Microsoft, platform developers and many Blockchain technology companies. It participates actively with various industry groups, is a member or lead with the Wall Street Blockchain Association, the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the Ethereum Alliance, and Microsoft Partner Council . DLS prioritizes FS , Public Sector, Healthcare and emerging interest in other industries. In FS it focuses on lending, payments, trade finance, derivatives trading, funds trading, property and casualty, and KYC. Additionally, it focuses on supply chain under-pinning Healthcare and Government, while blending digital, robotics and data analytics. Eamonn’s experience is capital markets sell and buy side with more than 20 years in consulting to Goldman Sachs, Banco Santander, Societe General, and the DTCC among others , and also in industry with Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan. Eamonn is recognized as a leader helping clients transform, and re-directing resources to address transformations such as DLT. He has promoted numerous publications on Blockchain – co-authored on Securing the Chain, and has spoken at many venues such as Money2020.