Ken Rutkowski

Owner / Host at Coin DMZ, Voice of Disruption & Founder of METal


Ken Rutkowski is a well-known talk radio personality, an innovative leader, a tireless strategist who networks strategic business partnerships that are remaking the digital economy, a social and new media marketing guru, and a business technology futurist. Ken works with entrepreneurs, governments, and founders all over the world, discovering and revealing new trends and ideas – and how to implement them – and how to capture the minds and hearts of investors, clients, and consumers. He has interviewed thousands of CEOs and Founders of companies in the past decade+ and expertly shares the most relevant and impactful business trends of now and the future – perhaps better than anyone on the planet. Ken has been a part of the tech scene before it was a ‘scene’ and founded one of the very first podcasts ever when he worked with Mark Cuban and his groundbreaking internet radio format. Today, he is on the board of several media, entertainment, and technology companies including Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. and TEDx. Ken is the creator and co-founder of the #1 Business radio talk show in America, “Business Rockstars”. He is also the host and creator of a new 2018 nationally syndicated radio show starting in 88 U.S. markets, called “Voice of Disruption” – the insider’s guide to global disruptive leaders. In 2018 Ken also created weekly Podcast about Blockchain and Crypto Currencies called “Coin DMZ”, prominently featured on iTunes and Spotify Podcasts, capturing over 100,000 listeners per episode. On Coin DMZ, with industry leaders, Ken discusses the week’s latest people, politics and tech in Crypto, Blockchain, and Digital Currencies. Ken is called the connective tissue within the business landscape. He is a master at taking great ideas and turn them into multi-million-dollar businesses. Among other things, Ken teaches entrepreneurs the secrets of how to attain real positioning for their business on social media, radio, TV, and print. Ken’s broad range of knowledge across many industries, coming from having interviewed thousands of the top Executives, CEOs, and Changemakers on the planet, as well as investing in many successful businesses himself, enables him to customize presentations for each audience with specific insider research, technology and industry trends that bring them real-time ROI and actionable content that they can immediately take with them into their business. He also shows businesses what customers want, need, and are asking for today, and most importantly how to connect with and engage prospective and existing customers. It’s hard to predict the future, especially if you’re still struggling to figure out what’s happening in today’s business landscape. But this is exactly what Ken does by showing what business will bring within the next six months to ten years. Using rich statistical data coupled with insight from his interviews, Ken brings the future of the business world into today’s grasp. Knowing what “will be” gives any executive an extra edge up on their competitors, banking on opportunities to capitalize on what generally is hidden from the masses. As a thought leader, networker, super connector, serial entrepreneur and influencer across multiple industries, Ken has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, BBC, Wired, Business Week, and many more. He has over 1 million views of him speaking online, hundreds of thousands of engaged followers on Twitter and Facebook, and his FB page is ranked in the top 1% (by Facebook) in terms of activity, friends, followers, and overall interactions. Ken the dealmaker has brought together over $3 billion US dollars in deals within the past few years. Working with fortune 100 companies, top entertainment studios and governments, Ken’s inherent talent of bridging opportunity together is part of his DNA makeup. He has spoken to, collaborated with, grown, enhanced, sat on the board, and consulted with companies including the likes of: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, SurfAir, Motorola, AT&T, Telstra, Singtel, SBS, Dish Network/ Echostar, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, and many more.. Ken has also collaborated, consulted, and partnered with various governments including Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, Panama.