Jorg Molt

Founder and CEO

Satoshi School


Entrepreneur and early adopter of Blockchain and Bitcoin technologies, Jorg brings knowledge to masses through his international Satoshi School initiative. The Satoshi School is the only school in the world that teaches exclusively about BitCoin and Bitcoin blockchain technology in a location that suits customers. It was founded in 2016 by BitCoin co-founder Jörg Molt – who has been working on global digital cash projects since 1995. The need for educating people about BitCoin, BitCoin Blockchain technology and its underlying philosophy, has arisen because of the general misconceptions in the media around other cryptocurrencies, (Ethereum) and false advertising by opportunistic operators. They have diluted the general knowledge about Bitcoin, it´s positive purpose and the feasibility and functionality of the BitCoin blockchain (smart contracts). The BitCoin system and its respected protocol is a philosophy that balances the imbalance between exploitation, debt and wealth, with its own payment function. Since 2008, the BitCoin Blockchain has not been hacked or breached and its continued strength shows that it has become a symbol of financial self-determination, which is accessible to all. In addition, the BitCoin blockchain, through its unique open source structure, is able to meet the needs of a changing society and economy, which ensures greater transparency and efficiency. Even complex B2B functions, such as SAP and detailed financial transfers, can be safely replaced with smart contracts on the BitCoin blockchain – and has been since 2010. Since there are no administrators or other entities involved in this network, once a transaction is made its immortalized and cannot be changed later. The BitCoin blockchain is still the only computer-based self-administration of a complete banking system. Thanks to sophisticated encryption technology, even the inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, is no longer able to intervene in the system and the algorithm. Therefore the unrivaled BitCoin and the BitCoin Blockchain will remain the monumental invention of the 21st century. The Satoshi School fulfills its obligation in promoting the true power of this established and trusted technology, through sharing its knowledge and making it accessible to everyone. The school is committed to informing and protecting people against scams and false promises, which are being made by unscrupulous people. The school has the true interests of the original blockchain inventors at heart and it will continue to share the correct information through worldwide education. The founder of the Satoshi School, Jörg Molt is concentrating on the worldwide development and expansion of his school. In German-speaking countries, the Satoshi School is being handled by Ole Schwarten, who also shares the philosophical commitment of Satoshi Nakamoto and Jörg Molt in leading the world into a fairer future with education.