Lewis Cohen




Lewis has been a leader in the field of cross-border securitizations and other structured financings for over twenty years, representing issuers, underwriters, banks and others on a wide range of transactions around the globe. With the emergence of blockchain technology, Lewis early on identified the important role this technology would play across financial markets in general and in the area of structured finance in particular. A Board member of the Structured Finance Industry Group (SFIG), the leading trade organization for the structured finance industry, Lewis co-chairs SFIG's Blockchain Task force. Lewis has been a frequent speaker on the topic of blockchain and the financial markets at industry conferences and has contributed to important reports on the use of blockchain in the capital markets and on the role of smart contracts in a blockchain setting. Since early 2016, Lewis has been advising a range of clients on the issues and opportunities presented by blockchain technology. Among other projects, Lewis is currently working with the International Blockchain Real Estate Association (IBREA) on their work with Cook County, Illinois to develop the world's first system for using blockchain to convey real property. Lewis is a passionate advocate for the important role blockchain technology will play in the world of finance and beyond.