Janeen Uzzell

Former Head of Women in Technology



Janeen Uzzell is a Global Executive with extensive experience in the design and use of technology to drive impact on global outcomes for some of the world’s largest corporations and technology giants. She is a People Developer, Transformational Leader, Storyteller, Engineer and self-proclaimed Global Citizen – with a passion for incubation and impact. Janeen is on a mission to use her influence and voice to lead causal work that changes lives, communities and the world. Regarded as a pioneering global strategist and skilled in partnership modeling she is adept in identifying market barriers and conceptualizing new models to impact client performance and profitability. Additionally, Janeen uses storytelling as a way to link business models and causal solutions to engage, inspire, and ignite shifts in global policies and practices. During her 16-year tenure with GE, she held a number of technical roles, served as a global P&L leader, managed a major market customer base, and transformed the teams of people that she had leadership responsibility over. In 2009 Janeen was tasked with building a team and strategy to determine GE’s rural health platform. She and her team were the start-up leaders who designed key partnerships, aligned core products for scalability in the emerging market and grew the Africa healthcare revenue portfolio. It is this work and her leadership as an Ex-Pat in Africa that she holds most dearly, and is most proud of in her career. Most recently, Janeen was the Head of Women in Technology for GE where she worked across the 300,000-employee community leading a culture shift to accelerate the number of women within the Company’s technical female workforce. Beyond her professional achievements, she is a Board Member for the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute, a former Co-Chair for the United Nation’s Medical Device Innovative Working Group, an advisor for the National Believers in Business Collegiate Organization, and a coaching consultant for Evok Life, a wellbeing platform that supports Corporations and individuals with transformation. She has 11 nieces and nephews that she says help her stay grounded and not take herself too seriously.